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Hello! We are Rewind // Fast Forward, a semi- contemporary store, run by mother-daughter Valerie and Tori Howe - where everything is under $100! *Other than a few items that qualify as our Lux- but even then most Lux items are under $100. Here are a few things to know when shopping our website!

1. Rewind <<= Thrift Finds and Repurposed Items. All items listed with the Rewind or << will be found from local thrift stores from NYC or items repurposed from high end materials. All items willl be in next to new condition with plenty of life left in them! These will be the items with the 2 back arrows on our social media post. We have a limited quantity available for this category.  All items chosen will show a heavy discount and great quality.

2. // = Right Now. The "in between". Most our items  are brand new straight from our vendors! We have ordered these items specifically for you! This is the heart of our boutique and we are so excited for you to see everything we have to offer! These items will not have any special  arrows to indicate like the others. 

3. Fast Forward= Sample Sale Finds.  All items under with >> are straight from an NYC Sample Sale rack! Worn for photo shoots, or just for designers to see what the product looks like(never worn), or not to hit floors yet. We will have a limited quantity available for items under this tab but all items will be worth the look. Not only does this category give you access to trend setting styles but also to VERY discounted pricing from retail pricing of AMAZING quality products! Our children's category will always have great styles from this category!

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Happy Shopping!